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5 Must Haves For #5DaysofFun
In The West Volusia Region

By August 25, 2016September 12th, 2016No Comments
If you are considering a visit to the West Volusia region, be sure to download a copy of the West Volusia Tourism Visitor Guide or request to have one sent to you.  The Visitor Guide is a great resource for information about all of the things to see and do in the West Volusia region.
Protect your skin with a water-proof, broad spectrum sunscreen of at least 30 SPF to prevent a sunburn. Ouch!
Another great protector from the Florida Sunshine is a hat. As long as the hat has a brim to shield your eyes and cover your forehead, it’s a pretty safe bet.
Comfortable Clothes
It’s hot in Florida, so comfortable clothes are a necessity. Loose, flowy clothes are a great option for those looking to experience the West Volusia region in style.
Closed Toe Shoes
Closed Toe Shoes are a necessity if you want to experience the more rugged side of West Volusia. Lace up your hiking boots or slip on your sneakers and enjoy the scrub habitat at Lyonia Preserve, the wildlife refuge at Lake Woodruff or miles of smiles on our multi-use trails.