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5 #SelfieSpots In The West Volusia Region

By August 25, 2016April 15th, 2019No Comments
Athens Theatre Deland
Deland Wings
The #DeLandWings have become an increasingly popular #selfiespot over the last few months as they’ve been featured on Fox 35 News and in the Orlando Sentinel.  Be sure to make your way to Downtown DeLand and earn your wings soon.  The DeLand Wings are part of the #WingsoftheWest Mural Trail.
Athens Theatre Deland
With the charming shops and eateries and historic buildings, Downtown DeLand is a great backdrop for any #selfie. Stop into the Visitor Center and pick up the Mural Walk or River Quest brochure and have some fun while getting some great shots.
Manatee Mosaic Blue Spring
Thousands of tourists visit Blue Spring State Park, and we’ve noticed that a favorite #selfiespot at the park is with the mosaic manatee. We also see tons of photos of park guests floating down the spring run or hanging out on a fallen log.
Old Spanish Sugar Mill
There are so many cool photo-ops at DeLeon Springs State Park that it’s hard to choose just one, so here are a couple of ideas.   Take a photo while cooking pancakes at your own tabletop griddle at the Old Spanish Sugar Mill.  Choose from unbleached white, stone ground, or gluten free batter and then add blueberries, applesauce, banana slices , pecans, “real” peanut butter chips or chocolate chips  Take a photo with the Sugar Mill in the background or take a hike a get a shot of Old Methusela, a 500 year old Cypress tree that is definitely worth the walk.
Lyonia Preserve
At the Lyonia Environmental Center & Preserve, you can find interactive exhibits that are not only fun but also educational about scrub habitat, sinkholes, and manatees as well. They also have the Blue Spring Room featuring Water’s Journey where you can see small reptiles and amphibians in aquariums.   In the Lyonia Preserve, curious Florida Scrub Jays may even take a liking to you and land on your hat or your arm.