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Chuck Lennon Park MTB Trail

5000 Greenfield Dairy Rd, De Leon Springs, FL 32130

The Trail:

Located at Chuck Lennon Park in Volusia County, Florida. The trail is very unique for Central Florida with great features that make it an excellent riding experience. This clay based trail has a good flow and very few sandy spots. It is an intermediate skill level singletrack for biking that will test all your riding skills, from the steep ups and downs to the hair pin turns. The great features come from old clay excavations. There are 4 seperate trails you can ride that total about 5.85 miles. All trails are difficult but some are harder than others. This is not a good trail for beginning mountain bikers plus HELMETS ARE STRONGLY RECOMMENDED for all riders and helmet wearing is Florida law for riders under 16 when biking at Chuck Lennon Park. This trail is almost all volunteer maintained and we are always needing more volunteers!

Volusia County parks are open from sunrise to sunset unless otherwise posted or special events. Enjoy yourself, but for your safety and the safety of others, please read and observe all rules posted at the information centers or kiosks at each park.  Volusia County assumes no responsibility or liability in case of accident or injury. Use all park facilities at your own risk!

Trail Skill Levels:

All trails are Intermediate skill level but have some differences.
Blue trails (Hoot Owl & Raccoon Run) are difficult
Yellow trail (Screaming Hawk) is less difficult
Red trail (Red Panther) is the most difficult
P = Short cut to parking lot / Bail Outs
Note: The trail is now for bicycles only!
Use all park facilities at your own risk!

Visit Chuck Lennon on Weebly for full details and trail map.