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The DeLand Hotel receives Historic Designation from City of DeLand.

By January 29, 2019 3 Comments
DeLand Hotel

The DeLand Hotel announced today it has received the esteemed Historic
Designation from the City of Deland. The designation is the first step in adding the hotel to the National Registry of Historic Places. Being a historic landmark is not only a milestone for the hotel, but for the city of DeLand as it is the oldest operating hotel in the city. With the historic designation, The DeLand Hotel will not only attract new visitors to Deland, but will also attract potential new businesses that typically benefit through their association with historical locations, thus , contributing to the overall economic growth of the entire community. The iconic boutique hotel, located at 442 E New York Avenue, was commissioned in 1919 and
opened it’s doors in 1925. It is the oldest operating hotel in DeLand and ownership has made it their mission to preserve the vintage 1920s feel of the hotel with personalized customer service, authentic antique furniture, and complimentary beverages in the private guest lounge. The
unique amenities offered by the hotel and the historic significance will ensure that guests can expect to have an exceptional experience each time they stay at The DeLand Hotel.

According to owner Ross Janke “We are grateful to the City of Deland for recognizing the historical significance of the DeLand Hotel. This designation reflects the value the City places on preserving our heritage and the role that the hotel has played in the history of DeLand.”

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  • Elaine says:

    Congratulations! Moved here last year and I’m so happy I choose DeLand. The history is amazing and I love the historical sites and buildings. Restoration is a big thing in keeping a city alive. The Downtown area is so quaint and everyone appears to have a “togetherness “ aura about them. I love getting lost and finding my way. I’ve come across some beautiful nature sites. Laugh at myself when I go miles out the way when I could have gone minutes. I love it here and the best part is being close to my granddaughter and watching her grow and having “nana “ dats together. ❤️

  • Beautiful and looking forward to visit, when coming to Deland.Was a Native since 1969.Now moved to KY with family. Have many family and friends who live in the beautiful city.Congrats on the restoration.

  • Marvin and Judith Reed says:

    Way to go, DeLand and DeLand Hotel!!!

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